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Welcome in my shop!

My name is Daniella and I'm the creator and owner of WearHouses. About 8 years ago I decided to start making jewelry with Amsterdam CanalHouses. I was looking for jewelry with canal houses for clients of my other business, a tour boat company and in Amsterdam. I wanted to give them something that really relates to this business. Figuring what it is that you see when doing a city canal cruise, it's Amsterdam canal houses! Couldn't find any jewelry to my liking so I decided to start another business, and WearHouses was born.

In this Amsterdam Canalhouses Jewelry collection you will find jewelry with actual existing canal houses. All houses are located in the 17th Century Unesco World Heritage part of Amsterdam. Buying a piece of jewelry from WearHouses is actually taking home a piece of Amsterdam. WearHouses is an online shop only. I send out pieces by post mail all over the world. Every Wear You Go!