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Amsterdam Step Gable Necklaces


Stepped Gables Necklaces

Introducing our stylish Amsterdam Necklace - Light Edition. This necklace features a charming bead in the shape of a zinc alloy stepped gable canal house, available in a variety of stunning colors including golden, silver, copper, and black silver.

With a length of 30 centimeters, this necklace offers a delicate and elegant accessory to adorn your neckline. Choose your favorite color or mix and match them for a personalized look that suits your style.

Crafted with attention to detail, this necklace is designed to capture the essence of Amsterdam's iconic canal houses in a lighter and more versatile form. The zinc alloy bead adds a touch of sophistication while ensuring durability and long-lasting beauty.

Embrace the beauty of Amsterdam with our Amsterdam Necklace - Light Edition. Whether you're exploring the city's charming streets or attending a special occasion, this necklace will be a stylish companion that complements your outfit.

Experience the perfect blend of style and versatility with our Amsterdam Necklace - Light Edition. Shop now and choose from our captivating color options, allowing you to create a unique and fashionable statement with your jewelry.

Amsterdam Canal Houses Jewelry

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